Malvern news, Celebs & the plot..

As the 2 Ronnies used to say, ‘And in a packed programme tonight’, well to say its been quite hectic is an understatement, all sorts of stuff going on now. Firstly we have ordered the boards for the plot which will arrive this thursday coming, now we can start to erect the raised beds we will grow the plants in.

Onto the great 3 counties show at Malvern, those who may have read our other posts will be aware that my son and friend took his giant pumpkin down to Malvern to exhibit it in the giant veg section my sons employers CANNA were sponsoring,  after getting it there safely  they took it to the weigh in and it came in at 221.6 kg, which means 488lbs to those (like me) that understand ‘old money’ better..certificate

Would you believe it, he came second with the only plant he has ever grown, I must say at this point just how proud of him i am, he has done this all in his own time, and as he works away a lot of the time  its quite an achievement. While standing at his exhibit today, those that watch the antiques shows will have heard of a program called ‘Flog it’ hosted by Paul Martin, well he and my son chatted over his pumpkin which Paul was astounded with.paulpump  jipandpaul



Meanwhile back at the plot, Annie and i went down there last thing tonight to start on the aftermath of the beast, cleaning up was quite a task, it has spread quite a distance from where it was rooted and as the grass hadnt been cut for some time the tendrills had knitted into the unruly thicket and took some pulling out. We finally managed to get it cleared up ready for the grass to be cut, but emptying the large heavy tubs of spent compost will be left to my son and his friend, as it is rather heavy.

plot clear
Plot cleared..
Annie gets stuck in..

The Beast Released..

Quite a momentous day today, the cutting off of  the giant pumpkin. This was indeed a beast in its own right, god only knows how much it weighs. We decided to try and move it using a tarpaulin, two at the front pulling and me at the back pushing for all my worth, it was slow going although it was moving, after what seemed like ages we managed to get it right up to the back of the van.

waiting for the carriage

Now was the time to lift the beast up in the air, this was not going to be easy and after a couple of failed attempts Pete (AKA Tetris) came up the brainwave of fetching the farmer and his tractor from next door to help out.  Around 5 minutes later up pops the farmer with 2 very pointed tines on the front of his tractor, not for me to say but really heavy metal spikes and soft fleshy pumpkin should never cross paths.

Fortunately for us the farmer brought around a 1 ton bag for us to try and tease the beast into, it was like trying to get a massive Pike into a stickleback fishing net, but with persiverance, in she slipped.jippump

After loading the beast into the back of the van we turned our attention to the remaining veg being packed for the show, namely the cucumbers and onions. All the cucumbers were individually checked and weighed before being laid down comfortably in their final resting place for the trip down, the onions were teased from their pots like birds released, and once again nestled down into the van for the journey.cucumber1.jpg

What with all the other stuff that was in the van originally god only knows how much weight is in there, but fingers crossed it will be enough to claim some prizes for the lads, all we can do is wait for the message to say how big and heavy it all was, thank you goes to the farmer without whos help today would have been nigh on impossible, and a very big THANK YOU goes to CANNA who has sponsered the whole thing, including the event.

Products used in this big veg adventure have been Bio terra compost, Terra vega, Rhizotonic, PK13/14, and Coco a+b plant supplements and nutrients all of which are supplied by CANNA in their pursuit of plant perfection.



This is another aide in the Organic growers arsenal, it is an additive  used in biological cultivation that helps to increase the yielding capabilities of the plants. Bioboost makes sure that the plants have good strong healthy fructification, meaning that it helps to stimulate flowering and strengthen the flavour.

This product is not a nutrient, it is actually a naturally fermented plant extract, helping with the flowering metabolism and contains a combination of amino acids, vitamins, and enzymes giving the plant just what it needs during the flowering time.

The plant in response makes more fruit sugars and tissues making for a better flavour and  a more high quality produce. The good thing with Biocanna Bio boost is that it can be used . If anyone wants a pamphlet on these 100% organic products please contact me and i will be pleased to supply it..


Its Alive…….

Just a quick blog today, visited the plot tonight to meet up with my son, he has been away in scotland all week (lucky him i say)  so he hasnt been there for a week, we on the other hand (and if you read any of the other blogs posts)  have been there for 4 days, so imagine his suprise when he saw again his pumpkin, nice and juicy and looking very big indeed.

Its Alive…..

There is only one more week for the Beast to be on the Plot and then its off to the Malvern Show, and will be put in the Giant Vegtable tent , which incidentally has been sponsored by CANNA , i am hoping he will be in for a shot at winning.. We will be more active over the next few weeks at the plot with cleaning out the poly tunnel and making the veg beds, which i will be ordering the  wood in the next couple of days.

Thats all the news from the plot so far, more pictures on thursday when we try and load up the beast in a van, yes that should be fun..


Todays Plot Antics

You just know its going to be a good day when you climb out of bed and you are looking forward to working on your day off, the sun is shining and the wife has just made Porridge to keep you going until lunch.

We set off towards the Plot with a car full of Tools and Plants heading for a day of potting up and making good, Annie was all fired up as she loves tearing things down and knocking things about, especially when it all comes together and you can see where you made a difference, if you saw her small frame you would wonder where the eagerness for destruction comes from, but i left her to it.annie with pallet.jpg

Meanwhile i got on with the potting of the fruit trees, although we dont have enough to supply tons of fruit what we have will need to do for now, we will add more trees at a later date, and certainly before the next fruiting period in 2018.fruittree

After annies removal of the pallets, weeds and pipes, she decided to give it a good sweep in readiness to house the potted soft fruit. Once again we dont have very many but this will change as the months move on , the gardening at home slows down as the winter approaches and our time to devote to the Plot increases.

We still need to get all involved and have a serious effort in getting the beds sorted out, annie has 11 days off work due shortly and i can arrange to have a 5 day holiday with her so if the wood is on site we can start to make the beds, a challenge it has to be said, i am really looking forward to.

As well as all the produce we hope to grow, we want to make a few bulb pots and nice flowery things for our own garden to herald the spring time and starting up of a new year, and as we have the benefit of 50ft of polytunnel to fill we could not resist the chance to use it.

alldoneAnnie had been to a local garden centre and treated herself to a few packets of bulbs, to include tulips,  anenomes and small daffodils, all will make a lovely display next year in the new terracota pots she also treat herself to.

We have taken the liberty of  using our camping gaz stove, it has one ring which is all you need when all you want is a cuppa tea, we bought a couple of reclining chairs from a camping shop sale a few years ago and have never really used them, but now they are comfy to sit on and  have a spot of lunch when you have worked hard, lovely.

Well all has gone well today, we feel we have mad a big change to the Plot and our endevours in it, so i will close for today with a picture of the fruit cage so neatly completed by Annie.



Mixed Bag today..

I must admit, the sun shining today made it a lovely morning start for us, now , on wednesdays we venture forth to a few gardening jobs we do for the nearby elderley ladies, they are customers of my wifes in her part time job and asked if she knew anyone that could help them  in their gardens, of course she did, me..

Annie comes along to help as working in a supermarket during the day she doesn’t see the sun all that much, so she comes to be out in the fresh air and chat to the ladies, and boy can they chat, they can chat for england, so can annie when she starts. Well today she had baked a lemon drizzle cake and decided to share some with them, i must admit it was a lovely cake.

About Midday the sky went dark and the wind increased and we were half way through cutting down some old lavender plants when the skies opened, the rain was horizontal but the sun came out during this rain, how weird was that, we got absolutely soaked through. We finished up and said our goodbyes, jumped in the car and drove for about 1 minute where the road  was bone dry and  the sun was bright and very warm and not even a damp patch to be seen.

We visited a local garden centre on our way home, on looking round the tables for soft fruit, the heavens opened again, by this time we were still wet from the first bout so we jumped in the car and headed home, truely a mixed bag of local weather today..

My Garden in summer mode..
My Garden in Summer Mode..