Baby sitting Giant Veg..

As my son is away in Scotland for the next week doing the “Pedal for Scotland ” charity bike ride on 10-9-17 sponsored by CANNA UK  wishing everyone taking part a safe journey. He is the very handsome chap on the left, not that the chap on the right isn’t, if you see what i mean.cannajipWe on the other hand will be visiting the Plot to water his very large Pumpkin, one he is growing for the Malvern Show at the end of this month, so if you are visiting please say hi to him (John Paul) in the Giant Veg marquee. These are grown for fun (he lied ), as he has never grown anything like it before.anniepumpkin


The cabbages and tomatoes have not been grown in BIOCANNA Bio Terra Plus, but all have been fed on CANNA liquid feeds, and as you can see they have grown really well. The project we are basing our growing experiences on will be 100% BIOCANNA products, we want to have nice veg and salad stuff to eat, and help promote what a great products they are in the organic growing market where any help is gratefully received.

I thought I would show you a picture of Annie standing aside one of the cabbages, she is purely acting as a measuring device you understand, (well that’s what I told her) she is not keen on being in the public gaze for too long.cabbage

Managed to get one of the fruit trees planted in BIOCANNA Bio Terra Plus tonight, so at least we have made a start, so looking forward to next seasons growing adventure, we do hope you will join us and ask questions too.

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