The Big Hitters..

 bio-terraplus_bagBio Terra Plus is just one of the key ingredients we will be using in our trials for growing organic veg, it has been developed by  CANNA over a long period of time by their own research team and also has its own Organic Certificate meeting the International Organic Standards criteria.

Not sure how many of these bags it will take to fill a bed that is 10ft long x 5ft wide and 10in deep, but time will tell. We are going to keep things like potatoes in buckets as the beds wont be deep enough to accommodate them, so it will be just short root veg and salad stuff in there.

Flowers will also play a big part in the allotment too, buckets and pots of wildflowers, dahlias , sweet pea  and other anual varieties should make it a lovely place to see as well as work, as we are also having a Bee hive there, what could be better.

Going to have a look around today for the scaffold boards to build the frames with, they should be stout enough to take the weight and pressure from the compost when its in there, and this should be a no dig situation as the beds are just wide enough to reach into from either side to  plant/harvest from. We will also need to set up a separate bed by which to compare our organic crops too, this bed my contain ordinary compost with some manure or soil conditioner added to the mix, so it should be quite a good comparison overall..

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