A Liquid Lunch

bio-vega_content_1 Let me now introduce you to one of the liquids we will be using throughout our trials, it is BIOCANNA Bio Vega . This liquid has been specially formulated to help the plant during  the early growing period, and it also releases compounded nitrogen in response to the plants needs. This is a great product to have in your arsenal in order to help stimulate growth of the plants and help to keep them healthy and strong.

So we have been up to the plot tonight and taken quite a bit of stuff with us, gas camping cooker, butane gas, chairs and other paraphernalia, all this and we haven’t even gotten one of the beds made yet, let alone take food and cook it. We did however, manage to get some onions sets  planted into trays, both red and white sorts, we just need something bigger for the Garlic bulbs.onions

We have noticed the garden centres are selling cabbage, kale , lettuce and other sorts of veg now, as we cant plant them out yet we have left them alone, i need to go to Organic Calendar and see what sort of veg they are selling now, it will help us to plan the plot for the future.

I am slowly coming together with this software, i haven’t found it easy to use and there is still lots to learn yet, but hopefully over the coming months and with the Plot coming together i can get to grips with it and start to putting some decent content on for people to read, so please bare with me for the foreseeable future..


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