Meet Mr Flores

Yet another day passes by without any movement on the Plot, but all is not lost as we intend to visit tomorow and start potting up the soft fruit. We have a seperate area for it which already has a net frame around the perimeter,   currently it has a polycarbonate roof but we are going to remove that to allow for rain and sun to gain access, but we need to keep the birds away when the fruit is ready, hence the netting.

Now moving on to Mr Flores, this is the second liquid we intend to trial on our crops, It is the BIOCANNA Bio Flores range, this product helps tremendously with the ability to provide mixed nutrients giving the plants a helping hand with the flowering and the resulting fruiting that the plants need.  As Hop extract is one of the ingriedients in Bio Flores, the minerals are released in the natural proportions the plant requires.

Just started looking at  Organic Catalogue Site for what they have available to plant out in Autumn and Winter. Wow do they do a packed catalogue, i could spend a lot of money in there, and quite possibly will do. We would love to hear from other growers about what they do and how they go about using their own spaces, allotment, window box or whatever.

As an aside to growing stuff, i would like to take this opportunity to say a Big WELL DONE to all at CANNA  for their massive efforts in riding the 45mile Pedal for Scotland bike ride for charity on Sunday , and especially to my son John-Paul as he had no time to train for it but completed it in style.jips medal

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