Mixed Bag today..

I must admit, the sun shining today made it a lovely morning start for us, now , on wednesdays we venture forth to a few gardening jobs we do for the nearby elderley ladies, they are customers of my wifes in her part time job and asked if she knew anyone that could help them  in their gardens, of course she did, me..

Annie comes along to help as working in a supermarket during the day she doesn’t see the sun all that much, so she comes to be out in the fresh air and chat to the ladies, and boy can they chat, they can chat for england, so can annie when she starts. Well today she had baked a lemon drizzle cake and decided to share some with them, i must admit it was a lovely cake.

About Midday the sky went dark and the wind increased and we were half way through cutting down some old lavender plants when the skies opened, the rain was horizontal but the sun came out during this rain, how weird was that, we got absolutely soaked through. We finished up and said our goodbyes, jumped in the car and drove for about 1 minute where the road  was bone dry and  the sun was bright and very warm and not even a damp patch to be seen.

We visited a local garden centre on our way home, on looking round the tables for soft fruit, the heavens opened again, by this time we were still wet from the first bout so we jumped in the car and headed home, truely a mixed bag of local weather today..

My Garden in summer mode..
My Garden in Summer Mode..




13 thoughts on “Mixed Bag today..

  1. To show you an idea of the cloches we use over the brassica family I will leave you a link that shows the allotment in full swing in the Summer of last year.


    The pests we get are pigeons, which strip young leaves of cabbages etc very quickly to nothing. And White Cabbage Butterfly larva which soon much away as caterpillars. Carrot Fly, and Club root. And the other year we had a bad case of Potato Blight sweep through all of the allotments.
    So yes and a few more pests such as the Pea Moth, that makes your Pea Pods fill with grubs.. I am sure you are aware of these types of pests..
    I thought we would have problems with rabbit.. But maybe the fox is keeping them at bay.. 😀 Our plots are quite open as you can see by the post link.

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    1. Thank you Sue, they look like the Haxnicks ones, wow what a plot, magnificent produce and looking soooo healthy too. You have no idea of my excitment about our venture this year, i am so waiting to take Annie(my wife) to our plot and pick fruit and Veg straight from the beds, she will love it. I hope you stay around and follow our voyage into the partly unknown..

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      1. Oh I will be delighted to.. My husband made these himself. with some plastic pipe and a broken metal ladder, He took out the staves and slotted the pipe in arches and then we bought netting..
        And your wife will love picking fruit .. Nothing like it.. 😀


      1. 🙂 we use manure from a local organic animal farm.. Not perfect by any means as cows get inoculated etc .. but better than using chemical fertilisers and pesticides.. We grow some for us, and some for the pests and try to protect in Cloches as long as we are able 😀


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