Todays Plot Antics

You just know its going to be a good day when you climb out of bed and you are looking forward to working on your day off, the sun is shining and the wife has just made Porridge to keep you going until lunch.

We set off towards the Plot with a car full of Tools and Plants heading for a day of potting up and making good, Annie was all fired up as she loves tearing things down and knocking things about, especially when it all comes together and you can see where you made a difference, if you saw her small frame you would wonder where the eagerness for destruction comes from, but i left her to it.annie with pallet.jpg

Meanwhile i got on with the potting of the fruit trees, although we dont have enough to supply tons of fruit what we have will need to do for now, we will add more trees at a later date, and certainly before the next fruiting period in 2018.fruittree

After annies removal of the pallets, weeds and pipes, she decided to give it a good sweep in readiness to house the potted soft fruit. Once again we dont have very many but this will change as the months move on , the gardening at home slows down as the winter approaches and our time to devote to the Plot increases.

We still need to get all involved and have a serious effort in getting the beds sorted out, annie has 11 days off work due shortly and i can arrange to have a 5 day holiday with her so if the wood is on site we can start to make the beds, a challenge it has to be said, i am really looking forward to.

As well as all the produce we hope to grow, we want to make a few bulb pots and nice flowery things for our own garden to herald the spring time and starting up of a new year, and as we have the benefit of 50ft of polytunnel to fill we could not resist the chance to use it.

alldoneAnnie had been to a local garden centre and treated herself to a few packets of bulbs, to include tulips,  anenomes and small daffodils, all will make a lovely display next year in the new terracota pots she also treat herself to.

We have taken the liberty of  using our camping gaz stove, it has one ring which is all you need when all you want is a cuppa tea, we bought a couple of reclining chairs from a camping shop sale a few years ago and have never really used them, but now they are comfy to sit on and  have a spot of lunch when you have worked hard, lovely.

Well all has gone well today, we feel we have mad a big change to the Plot and our endevours in it, so i will close for today with a picture of the fruit cage so neatly completed by Annie.



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