The Beast Released..

Quite a momentous day today, the cutting off of  the giant pumpkin. This was indeed a beast in its own right, god only knows how much it weighs. We decided to try and move it using a tarpaulin, two at the front pulling and me at the back pushing for all my worth, it was slow going although it was moving, after what seemed like ages we managed to get it right up to the back of the van.

waiting for the carriage

Now was the time to lift the beast up in the air, this was not going to be easy and after a couple of failed attempts Pete (AKA Tetris) came up the brainwave of fetching the farmer and his tractor from next door to help out.  Around 5 minutes later up pops the farmer with 2 very pointed tines on the front of his tractor, not for me to say but really heavy metal spikes and soft fleshy pumpkin should never cross paths.

Fortunately for us the farmer brought around a 1 ton bag for us to try and tease the beast into, it was like trying to get a massive Pike into a stickleback fishing net, but with persiverance, in she slipped.jippump

After loading the beast into the back of the van we turned our attention to the remaining veg being packed for the show, namely the cucumbers and onions. All the cucumbers were individually checked and weighed before being laid down comfortably in their final resting place for the trip down, the onions were teased from their pots like birds released, and once again nestled down into the van for the journey.cucumber1.jpg

What with all the other stuff that was in the van originally god only knows how much weight is in there, but fingers crossed it will be enough to claim some prizes for the lads, all we can do is wait for the message to say how big and heavy it all was, thank you goes to the farmer without whos help today would have been nigh on impossible, and a very big THANK YOU goes to CANNA who has sponsered the whole thing, including the event.

Products used in this big veg adventure have been Bio terra compost, Terra vega, Rhizotonic, PK13/14, and Coco a+b plant supplements and nutrients all of which are supplied by CANNA in their pursuit of plant perfection.


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