Malvern news, Celebs & the plot..

As the 2 Ronnies used to say, ‘And in a packed programme tonight’, well to say its been quite hectic is an understatement, all sorts of stuff going on now. Firstly we have ordered the boards for the plot which will arrive this thursday coming, now we can start to erect the raised beds we will grow the plants in.

Onto the great 3 counties show at Malvern, those who may have read our other posts will be aware that my son and friend took his giant pumpkin down to Malvern to exhibit it in the giant veg section my sons employers CANNA were sponsoring,  after getting it there safely  they took it to the weigh in and it came in at 221.6 kg, which means 488lbs to those (like me) that understand ‘old money’ better..certificate

Would you believe it, he came second with the only plant he has ever grown, I must say at this point just how proud of him i am, he has done this all in his own time, and as he works away a lot of the time  its quite an achievement. While standing at his exhibit today, those that watch the antiques shows will have heard of a program called ‘Flog it’ hosted by Paul Martin, well he and my son chatted over his pumpkin which Paul was astounded with.paulpump  jipandpaul



Meanwhile back at the plot, Annie and i went down there last thing tonight to start on the aftermath of the beast, cleaning up was quite a task, it has spread quite a distance from where it was rooted and as the grass hadnt been cut for some time the tendrills had knitted into the unruly thicket and took some pulling out. We finally managed to get it cleared up ready for the grass to be cut, but emptying the large heavy tubs of spent compost will be left to my son and his friend, as it is rather heavy.

plot clear
Plot cleared..
Annie gets stuck in..

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