Horse Portrait..

Once again this picture was drawn using Faber Castell Pitt Pastel Pencils and Rembrandt soft pastels for the background . This is also a part of my online tutorial training class i took some time ago, while still learning, not that i’m past that stage, but i do now have a good idea what to do myself.20160222_212224

This picture in particular appealed to me because of the look of the horse and the subtle colours used, its almost like a fairy tale horse. Dont think there were many more than 10 pastels used in this entire piece, blended together to make nice transitions between light and shadow and once framed looks lovely.

This painting has a place on my unit at home..

Stand by your beds..

Well at last we have something to report regarding the Plot, after what seems like half a lifetime the grass cutter man came and cut our grass down, hallelujah….plotcut

John-Paul and I decended upon the tunnel today with the hope of moving the beds and getting a few more seeds sown, and we were not dissapointed. After a few minutes disccusion we carried the first of the beds over to its resting place and duly laid it down, closely followed by the second and third beds.

We decided to cover the base with a thick plastic sheet we had over by the lockup, dragged it over to the beds and laid it out over the top of all 3 to see if it was big enough to cover them, as it was we then set about moving the beds away, laying down the sheet, replacing the beds and cutting off the excess, all went well.jipplastic

We are now the proud owners of 3 raised beds with CANNA Organic Compost on the way as i type this out.

We now have to sort out exactly what we will be growing in them, and finding out about companion planting as we are not using any chemicals to aid in combating aphids and anything else that will attack our efforts during the season.

After our heroic efforts on the beds we then moved inside the tunnel and set about a few jobs in there, JP moved the hanging gardens of strawberries to the middle of the tunnel, instead of either side as we previously had them and I set a tray of peas and a tray of broad beans.dadpeas

With that done and dusted, we left the plot for today happy in the knowledge that at last it seems like things have started…


Apples in a bowl..

This was another tutorial from Marian Jackson MDA, very easy to follow tutorials including videos of Marian actually painting the same scene in some of them. This is done on black Stonehenge paper using Faber Castell Polychromos pencils and over coating in Prismacolor pencils which is a softer pencil in certain places where i needed highlights tobe.20161111_094037

I thought the subject matter was fabulous and the picture really appealed to me, i downloaded it and set about ‘colouring in’  if you like, it is that easy. Now before you go thinking ‘Oh its too easy for me’ , let me tell you there are some really skilled parts to it as well, so test yourself with this painting, it has something for everyone, and after it is done you will get  the same feeling of achievment that i did.

Going through the application of layes of pigment is somewhat satisfying, and when you seen the build up of colour, light and shadow adding to the overall look, well it just makes you want to do more….



Nude on Cushion..

This is an Oil on Linen painting, which incidentally is a new way to paint for me as i usually use either board or canvas.  I only use Alkyd oils at present but i have been concidering using professional quailty paints as i think they just seem to cover better, although the down side is they take longer to dry.

Nude in Oil on linen panel

I haven’t managed to pin down what my favourite subject is as yet, so i guess i will never be proficiant in my art as i dont practise it enough to become so, but as long as i enjoy the time i do it, i will be pleased.

This painting is not actually finished as yet, i still need to add more detail to the hair and refine the fingers, the highlights may get a once over to. I have another started but it will be revisited later in time as i am currently painting for a little competition locally and we may get to sell the paintings done. Thank you for taking the time to view my art, and i hope you give it a like too..

Horse in Graphite..

A friend mine asked if i could draw her horse for her, i will have a go said I, but you will need to provide a decent photo for me to work from.

A few day later she arrived at work and handed me a picture, that is really nice I said, good, she said, a friend took a photo for me, now get on with it. The next decision was how much of the photo to include, as the background was rather busy and could be said somewhat distracting.

I decided to just draw the horse and leave out everything else, that way she could have a tight frame around the subject.

I used an F pencil to draw the horse and shaded using 2B, 4B,  with occasional use of a Derwent Onyx pencil,  paper stump and paintbrush to blend.

When i had finished and showed her the finished result, she was delighted with it, she took it to the local art shop and had it framed, I class that as a job well done.img_0325

She took the framed picture to the stables where she kept the horse and showed it around, i was asked to produce 4 More pictures, i am delighted to say that all 4 sold.

Dora Fitzgerald Daffyd



Wolf In Graphite..

I really enjoyed drawing this wolf, i decided that i wanted to challenge myself drawing thick fur on an animal, so I chose this subject. I started off with the outline using a F grade pencil, then once the outline was completed and all the facial features were marked in i started off doing the eyes.

They say eyes make or break a face,and while i agree i believe it is more important to make sure the proportion of the face is correct otherwise no matter how good the eyes are, it will always look incorrect. After the eyes we move on to the fur.

Wolf in graphite..

One of most important things to note when drawing fur, you have to build it up in layers, just like the real thing, and most importantly is make the fur go the same way as the fur on the actual body, or the photo you are copying from. Start off with light pencil and basically all you are doing if flicking the pencil, thick one end tapering off at the other end.

Once you have  been all over the face with the first layer start to lay on extra layers where the fur is either darker or thicker.

When filling in the nose area, i usually fill in with little round circular movements and gently move around the nose area leaving it lighter where needed.

Please let me know if you would like any stepby step pictures of my next drawing.

Plants Looking ok..

Just a short update really, So after a hetic day working in real life we popped down the Plot to check on the plants and the tunnel as ‘Windy’ bryan was a blowing hard. All seemed well, everything was where it should be without any damage, thank the lord.bryanplot

Checked over the strawberries and other fruit recently potted in BIOCANNA moving on to the garlic, onions and a few lettuce and baby leaf, all is looking fine after the brush with 2 green caterpillers the other day.

The soil is now on order and should be with us any day now, along with some organic liquid plant food. The grass is going to be cut next week, Hooray and not before time either, then we can place the beds, Finally..