When real life gets in the way..

Not much to report from the plot at the moment except that the boards have arrived and we are going today to start making the beds up. The Garlic and onions are growing well at present and some of the strawberries have reflowered with fruit starting again.

Annie and I have been working together in a few gardens to help out several elderley people that have let their gardens get the better of them, we can now at last start to see the end coming, although the ladies dont want us to stop as they enjoy good banter and a piece of Annies home made cake.

It has to be said that sometimes i dont think we see the wood for trees, and as we both have jobs  we can be blamed for taking on too much in the time we have available to us, it also doesn’t help when the gardens are heavy (ish ) clay and finding plants that will look good when you have removed all the overgrown shrubs  takes time and effort to search for, not always appreciated  by those concerned I might add.

As the autumn creeps slowly in it is still noticable just how warm in the sun it is, especially if you get on the Lea side of a hedge or large shrub,  while the rain is never far away either, this means the grass is still growing at a good rate of knots and we have to cut everyones lawn every week at present and we probably will until the first frosts come. As a rare treat yesterday, and in Leiu of all our hard work we ventured out to the tea rooms for a spot of lunch, something we haven’t done in quite a while, afterwards we called in at a local garden centre where Annie noticed several bi-coloured violas were looking rather splendid, as were the Bellis and cyclamens, and before you could say Jack Robinson we had two trolleys worth, more work!!

It is amazing though, just how many trees have started to change colour already , this is our most  favorite time of year, we drive around searching our local area for colourful trees and lovely scenery which quite frankly is on our doorstep. Chatsworth House, Rufford Park or Clumber Park to name but a few offer lots of dazzling colour and splendid gardens to explore.

Chatsworth in the Autumn
Beautiful view of Chatsworth from the bridge.

On our arrival back home we slipped into our work gear, which should be called our ‘normal wear’ and set about creating baskets and tubs in readiness for the coming winter.

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