The Building of the Beds..

After another night of rain we put on our wet gear and set about going to the Plot, the scaffold boards need attention, they need to be joined together to make our raised beds.

We arrived and unloaded the car of the 2 ton of tools and tea making supplies we usually carry there and set about a good days production. Annie started on her usual bout of tidying up while I began measuring and sawing the boards to the required length. First thing i hadn’t taken into consideration was the metal strapping around the end of all the boards, and yes you guessed it, in the 2 ton of tools i hadn’t packed a  hammer.

After 10 minutes of head scratching and pacing about I searched around the poly tunnel for something to remove the nails holding down the metal straps, i came across a large spanner and a screwdriver, what more could i want.. Never let it be said that metal strapping is easily removed, it isn’t.Photo 01-10-2017, 11 22 50

After my small battle we started to put together the boards, I had taken about 500 screws with me of assorted sizes and  after sorting out several  individual ones i duly screwed the first pieces together, the second thing i hadn’t taken into consideration was the thickness of the boards, being 45 mm(1.5 inch) thick my nearest screw was just 2 inch long and nowhere near long enough to hold the two pieces together. Now for the second dilemma, what to do now as i don’t have any at home either.

After a cup of coffee and some debate with Annie we decided to go to the nearest B&Q depot (other outlets are available) which was some 5 miles away. On our return a mere 1 hour later with a new box of screws we finished up our first bed.

From there on in it was plain sailing, we put together another 3 beds before calling time on this day .

On a lighter note the garlic looks good and so do the onions, but maybe because they are indoors at present..

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