The Eve of Destruction..

Not actually as bad as it sounds, but hey it did grab your attention for a few minutes, hopefully.

As the beds are still not set up and running as yet not a lot has happened at the plot since Annie and I went there on sunday to build the beds. My son John-Paul and his friend Pete are going there tomorrow will the sole intention of clearing out the poly tunnel and making the area straight for us to start down our path of organic growing (well fingers crossed). There are Compost bins to be made as well as a few more beds to screw together, then once the grass has been cut for the last time this year, we will finally put the beds where they are to stay.

Annie has expressed a wish to have flower beds too, so we are going to give over one bed purely for cut flowers and we are having lots of pots of natural meadow flowers for the pollinaters of this land, and especially the bees, Oh yes, did i mention we are having a hive too, a story for another time…

the begining
As the Autumn nights set in and the light outside fades faster we have decided to cuddle up on the sofa and look through the internet for organic plant suppliers, should we be so lucky to get one of the beds filled with Organic compost we may just salvage a crop either before or during the winter, time will tell, roll on tomorrow…


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