Action Stations..

So today we set off for the pots promised to Annie for the Plot, we will be going on to source and plant a bit of Veg and salad crops for the coming weeks. We will be buying some trays to plant  the salad in and starting some off in a normal garden centre bag of compost against CANNA-UK Bio terra plus Organic compost.

This wont be a long term project as we will have to harvest the Salad crop when it becomes ready, but we will find it interesting to see how they compare in growth and above all Flavour in  this short dash, if there is any difference at all. The bigger tests will come later on when the beds are placed and full of compost,  ready to go, bring it on..

We will also be potting up a couple of grapes vines, both white and black, we are hoping to have these inside the tunnel so we can tie them onto the supporting metal frame and let whatever grapes grow, hang down.

Photo 01-10-2017, 10 52 46
2 grapevines..

While we are at the plot we will check on the strawberries too, if possible re potting them into slightly bigger pots or troughs, once again we will be hanging them from the framework for the strawberries to stay clear of the ground  with their delicious bounty held aloft.

If time permits we may decide to start on the building of the compost bins we are going to make from pallets, as we already have quite a collection of assorted leaves, stems and spent compost, mainly from the beast of a pumpkin.

Anyway, its time to close for now and gather some photos for the next post….


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