From Humble beginings..

Fragaria x  ananassa-cambridge, the humble strawberry plant. What a beautiful plant this is in its own right, lovely groups of leaves followed by delicate little white or pink flowers finally giving way to rich red sweet fruit, and if thats not all, it treats us to a sensational display of autumnal leaf colour strawred, bloomin marvellous.

So we managed to fetch the pots and buy a few veggie, salady things today and whipped off down to the Plot hotffoot with the booty. Where to begin when faced with quite a lot of plants to deal with, begonias from our own garden, Grape vines, strawberries and several packs of assorted bits and pieces.

We made a start on the cabbage, just 12 plants for now as we have to pot them, they are much better when planted where they are to stay, but that bit is beyond our control at the moment. We then moved on to the cauliflowers and swede before taking our first challenge.

Now on the Plot we have a water issue, not that we dont have any, we do, its just awkward to fill a can or anything else for that matter without getting wet somewhere on ones body, be it an arm, sleeve or hand. Well today was the turn of Annie, i was filling a couple of cans up when she wanted to take the one i was filling and swap for the empty one in her hand, as soon as i moved it away, there was a jet like flow hitting her directly above the knees completlely soaking her trousers.anniecanna Here she is dressed in the latest full length designer CANNA dress in a lovely shade of green with an enhanced Grub boots in contrasting purple with lighter purple stripe, just about ready for the Catwalk.

We finally managed to pot all the plants in CANNA BIOTERRA PLUS except for a few lettuce and a few strawberry plants which we have planted in a Compost called PRO5 to see the difference over the next few weeks, both only being watered with clean water.

In a big pot containing 3 large strawberry plants, there were a few runners, these have now been placed into Organic compost to begin their own little lives. piggyback

We are now up to date with what we can do for now, so after a lovely brew we decided to call it a day and venture home to sit on our patio and enjoy the october sunshine while reminiscing about what we had done today and feeling very satisfied.

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