High berry fields forever..

Oxalis regnellii or purple shamrock, what a beautiful plant this is, this is the one we have in the tunnel keeping its head high and looking stunning.shamrock

Well what a glorious day its been today, John-Paul and I descended on the Tunnel with a steely determination and a glint in the eye to crack on and get something done.

We first set about doing a bit of redesigning, moving tables and the last of this years chillies in order to make space for the new layout. After about an hour we finally had it looking near what we wanted but there is still some tweaking to finalize it yet.cleanup

We moved the garlic and onions across, followed by the other plants we had already started on their way . After watching good old Monty last night, I decided it was time to start off with some sweet peas, we also want a good range of cut flowers in our beds too, i also added Hemerocallis and wild flowers to the mix. We came across a packet of English Champion Peas, so after filling a few pots with BIOCANNA Terra compost we set them on their way.

Things are being finalised today for the compost to arrive at the plot,and hopefully for the chap to come and make a cut on the grass which is getting longer by the day, we can then place the beds. We have a fluid system attached to a barrel called a Flood And Drain system, we are hoping to grow tomatoes and bell peppers using this system,time will tell.

Strawberry Highrise, this  was the turning point of the day for me, while I was planting up the seeds JP had started on his plan to get the strawberries in the air, this means they will be easier to maintain and harvest and have less pests bothering them. He made a simple sling to slide decking across and drilled the troughs to the decking so that we cant knock them off, great idea.

Overall today has been a good productive day, long way to go yet mind, but we are up for the ride and hopefully we will get to meet and chat with lots of people that are interested in the same things..


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