Tunnel update..

Annie getting stuck into potting up the new fruit into CANNA BIOterra compost, really looking forward to the new crop being ready next year when all that healthy goodness and amazing flavour is released to excite the palete.annie potting

The time is almost upon us to lay down plans for the crops we will be growing, dedicating beds to brassicas, root crops and salad crops. It is heart warming as we are already being asked if we have any ready now, it seems like there is a multitude of people in readiness to sample the food that will be be on offer.

We have had to stop the bee hive from arriving on site, even though it didn’t have anything to do with us, as we would like to class ourselves as vegan friendly too and that we have been told is not allowed.new fruit

Just waiting for the grass to be cut so we can place the beds in their eventual resting place, hopefully we can get the water sorted too as one does get fed up of getting wet legs and feet when trying to fill a watering can with water.

I must admit, i am really impressed with the quality  of this compost from CANNA,  is it light enough not to compact itself, yet firm enough not to dry up and blow away, i also think it is good enough for seeds as well as as young plants and potting up, so you can cover all aspects of the growing cycle using just one type of compost.

I suppose we are really fortunate to have lights in the tunnel too, this makes a massive difference to working, it stretches the amount of time you can work there and you are not limited to daylight hours. And with that i will bid a fond farewell for now..tunnel with lights

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