Wolf In Graphite..

I really enjoyed drawing this wolf, i decided that i wanted to challenge myself drawing thick fur on an animal, so I chose this subject. I started off with the outline using a F grade pencil, then once the outline was completed and all the facial features were marked in i started off doing the eyes.

They say eyes make or break a face,and while i agree i believe it is more important to make sure the proportion of the face is correct otherwise no matter how good the eyes are, it will always look incorrect. After the eyes we move on to the fur.

Wolf in graphite..

One of most important things to note when drawing fur, you have to build it up in layers, just like the real thing, and most importantly is make the fur go the same way as the fur on the actual body, or the photo you are copying from. Start off with light pencil and basically all you are doing if flicking the pencil, thick one end tapering off at the other end.

Once you have  been all over the face with the first layer start to lay on extra layers where the fur is either darker or thicker.

When filling in the nose area, i usually fill in with little round circular movements and gently move around the nose area leaving it lighter where needed.

Please let me know if you would like any stepby step pictures of my next drawing.

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