Nude on Cushion..

This is an Oil on Linen painting, which incidentally is a new way to paint for me as i usually use either board or canvas.  I only use Alkyd oils at present but i have been concidering using professional quailty paints as i think they just seem to cover better, although the down side is they take longer to dry.

Nude in Oil on linen panel

I haven’t managed to pin down what my favourite subject is as yet, so i guess i will never be proficiant in my art as i dont practise it enough to become so, but as long as i enjoy the time i do it, i will be pleased.

This painting is not actually finished as yet, i still need to add more detail to the hair and refine the fingers, the highlights may get a once over to. I have another started but it will be revisited later in time as i am currently painting for a little competition locally and we may get to sell the paintings done. Thank you for taking the time to view my art, and i hope you give it a like too..

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