Stand by your beds..

Well at last we have something to report regarding the Plot, after what seems like half a lifetime the grass cutter man came and cut our grass down, hallelujah….plotcut

John-Paul and I decended upon the tunnel today with the hope of moving the beds and getting a few more seeds sown, and we were not dissapointed. After a few minutes disccusion we carried the first of the beds over to its resting place and duly laid it down, closely followed by the second and third beds.

We decided to cover the base with a thick plastic sheet we had over by the lockup, dragged it over to the beds and laid it out over the top of all 3 to see if it was big enough to cover them, as it was we then set about moving the beds away, laying down the sheet, replacing the beds and cutting off the excess, all went well.jipplastic

We are now the proud owners of 3 raised beds with CANNA Organic Compost on the way as i type this out.

We now have to sort out exactly what we will be growing in them, and finding out about companion planting as we are not using any chemicals to aid in combating aphids and anything else that will attack our efforts during the season.

After our heroic efforts on the beds we then moved inside the tunnel and set about a few jobs in there, JP moved the hanging gardens of strawberries to the middle of the tunnel, instead of either side as we previously had them and I set a tray of peas and a tray of broad beans.dadpeas

With that done and dusted, we left the plot for today happy in the knowledge that at last it seems like things have started…


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