Still growing well..

Its hard to believe that we are just into November, the sun is still warm when out of the breeze, the sky blue and that everything seems to still be growing, the grass certainly hasn’t stopped yet, been cutting grass today.

We managed to slink off to the plot this afternoon to make sure all was well and check the watering, and it was a good job we did as a lot of it was quite dry. Over the next couple of weeks we can hopefully put to bed the gardening jobs we do for people and concentrate on just the tunnel and planting perenial plant seeds which we will place around the allotment in large tubs once grown to brighten up the place, and as a painter it will add more interest to the plot for material to paint.

Checking the strawbs for water..

I really need to plan out where plants are going to go in respect of each other, and find out more about companion planting and the benefits of it as opposed to just filling up the space available with whatever we get our hands on, We definitely need a plan of action.

Well the plants definately look good in the tunnel today, lots of healthy looking growth and the sweet peas as well as garden peas are already through.watering the crop

As i type, the sound of rockets and bangers are going off outside, its seems that like birthdays nowdays, everything outstays its welcome, Bonfire night lasts at least a week here, sometimes two, but hey i was young once..

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