Latest from the easel

I have been to many Galleries and seen lots of exhibitions in them in my time but I have never entered a piece of work into either.

It all started a few weeks ago when I visited my local art shop with built in galleries, they host some really top events throughout the year and they were calling for participants to enter into an open exhibition for novice and professionals alike, I said to Annie, “shall I enter “, “yes of course if you want to she replied”.

With the bit between my teeth I duly bought two A5 boards, feeling really confident I was, usually one for me is daunting enough let alone two. Previously I had seen a couple of still life pictures I admired and set about my painting with these in mind, there is something quite satisfying about trying to recreate metal in oil paint, the different sheens one gets in polished metal, and the reflections too.

Starting off with the first one I painted, cherries in a bowl, started out with a line drawing and an under painting of acrylic to basically map out where things ought to go, after the paint was dry I moved onto the oil.

I completely went over every bit laying down colours as I saw it, before going back over again to put the detail in once the paint had dried.

I did the same to the other painting in the same order, although there was a lot more detail in the reflection this time.

The exhibition runs throughout December and everyone is in with a chance to sell their artwork ,hope mine sells as that would give me the confidence to exhibit more in the future.

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