Twas the night before compost..

Well after a rather fallow few days at the plot, tomorrow is the day the Organic compost arrives, all 180 bags of it.Organic Compost

Our shipment of BIOCANNA Organic compost will be dropped off at the plot tomorrow on 3 pallets, we should be well armed with 4 people waiting to get stuck in.  After unloading the lorry we can get the 3 beds we have on standby  filled up  with the compost,  we can then plant our onions and cabbage plants we have growing away in the tunnel in pots.

Fingers crossed it will be warmer than it was today, we had a really good frost here overnight and gave us an extra job this morning, scraping windscreens, ok so it adds some extra sparkle to the scenery with the suspended water drops and spiders webs, but I would rather it be warm when unloading all that compost.dadpeas

Looking forward to testing how well the BIOCANNA stands up in the raised beds throughout the year, although it contains its own nutrients, we will be boosting this by using a 100% Organic and Vegan liquid feed throughout the growing process, the clever bit is that the compost will only release its own nutrients depending upon the amount of liquid feed given so there is no danger of over or under feeding.



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