All hands on Deck..

Well todays weather  started as I had hoped it would, there was no overnight frost due to the cloud cover and best of all it wasnt that cold.

We had previously booked a day off to visit the plot as this was the day the compost was coming, we had managed to get help so 4 of us arrived there and set about a few odd jobs while waiting for the lorries imminent arrival. There was a damp feeling in the air and the clouds were fairly dark, we just didnt want rain while handling the plastic bags.     arrival

At 10.09 our Dutch freight lorry arrived, taking up most of the room on this busy little backwater road that everyone and their dogs seems to use, so getting him unloaded and gone was a real priority.

As there was 3 full pallets  and no way he could get into our plot, we asked the very friendly farmer next door to help, which he happily did.farmer bed

Having had the compost brought over the road via the very large Manitou of the farmers, we set about getting the compost into the beds, with 4 of us on the case it turned out to be easier than i thought, although still tiring.

Pete started taking bags off the stack while JP and Annie cut them open and i raked it level, making sure to fill the corners too. I had previously gone over the floor covering with a fork making holes for draining, as we dont want water logging.

It wasnt too long before all 3 beds were filled up, we really need to make the forth bed so i will be returning to the plot again on saturday to build it and fill it with compost, as well as plant the garlic, cabbage, turnip and onions into their new home.

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