A job well done..

After filling the beds with compost the dark skies that threatened earlier in the day started dropping water. As the rain got heavier we decide to go into the tunnel  and repot the strawberries from the small pots they were in to the sky cradle they will be living in from now on.both potting

It is quit a nice feeling to be planting plants at head height, so easy to see what you are doing, and whats more it will be even easier to harvest the fruit next season.

So far we have about 40 strawberries but i fear they may all fruit at the same time so we need to aquire some of a later fruiting period and get them into our fold.

Shortly after planting the strawberries we checked around to see what,if anything we could plant to start off for next season, all we really have is a few packets of assorted half hardy perenials, so we agreed to plant a few and watch them come up over the next few weeks.line finished

On visiting a friends allotment we have now taken hold of a lovely group of potatoes, we shall be planting these very shortly into the beds and some in the tunnel for early cropping .

On Sunday we should be starting on the pea and bean beds,this was the fruit cage but we have decided to re hash it into a long pea bed, should be fun..




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