Started the planting..

After spending the morning finishing off a garden we maintain, we found ourselves with some spare time this afternoon, so after a quickie dinner we ventured over to the Plot to see if we could get some planting done.

Annie was adamant she was going to cut down the hedge growth in the gateway to the field as we have to manoeuvre to far into the road before we get a clear view of oncoming vehicles, so i left her to it.

Garlic and onions

Meanwhile i checked out the onions we had started early in October, they were growing away well, so was the garlic, cabbage and cauliflower, time to put them outside in the newly filled beds, we also wanted to get our newly aquired potatoes planted as well.

Annie finished off the hedge and came over to offer assistance in the planting, as they have forecast quite a cold night here, we thought we would try and plant a few of each thing as a failsafe to any mishap that the weather may bring, , particularly as they have been growing under the shelter of the big polytunnel, and something,  what ever it was, had been scratching around in the compost beds before we got there, so another reason not to plant out too much too soon.

Annie with cabbage

Our final act today was getting the blueberries into new pots, we selected two fairly big pots and filled them with organic compost, we then planted the ‘Northland’ blueberries. They will be placed outside tomorrow on our return.


blueberries done

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