A good productive day…

We couldn’t make up our minds this morning whether to take a drive over to Derbyshire and view the last remenants of autumns wonderful colour display in all our native trees, in a warm car with the radio on, or battle the ice cold winds in an open field planting cabbage and assorted veg, guess which one won..Thanks Annie…bedsplanted

Well the more we get done now the easier it will be for us later on, so the first act was to take out the plants from the tunnel and place the remaining cabbage, turnips and  few cauliflowers into the beds.

The plants planted yesterday were still ok and had not been touched by the cold weather, nor any roving animals either, so it seemed ok to shove the rest in. After we planted them all and had a photo call for the blog, we then moved into the tunnel and out of the wind.

Carrots in Trays

There is not a lot one can plant at this time of year, especially as we already have peas and sweet peas on the go, we planted broad beans too but  we thought we would give a chance to  carrots, it will be interesting to see if we are in with a chance of picking any before christmas, we have started them off in trays covered with a lid.

After doing all this is was lovely to sit down and have a spot of lunch, we have a gas stove with which we boil water for a drink, and we take packed lunch with us, annie always does a lovely meal,and bakes cakes and biscuits for afternoon tea.lunch

We are so looking forward to next season, picking crops and making a meal for us straight from the plant, we will use a BBQ to enhance the meal, but it will all be organic and so fresh..

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