Cold Sunny Days

There is something about standing in a frosty field, in the sunshine on a beautiful late Autumn day, listening to the cock pheasant calling his little hareem of 7 hen pheasants to gather round as there is a human present, and getting to grips with a  hot freshly brewed coffee in your hand, pondering your next move on the plot.netting

Managed to get a little time today so thought i would spend some of it fastening a piece of netting over the cabbages and kale just incase Mr Pheasant decided to pay a visit with his wives, as the winter draws closer and less food is available to them.

Note to self, (do not buy cheap netting in future), as i tried to fasten it down with the new staple gun, the staples just cut straight through the meshing, rendering it almost usless. I did however manage to get the job finished, but it wasn’t without hassle.beans

The plot in itself is looking really good, i am pleased with it. We now have a few broad beans and a few more peas breaking through, i am amazed how quickly they have germinated in an unheated polytunnel, in Canna Bio compost. It has to be said that i dont think my little experiment with the carrots wont come to fruition, it is possibly to cold for them to germinate, but i have been told they will grow all year round, inside obviously at this time of year.haul

Checking in on the lettuce I planted a few weeks ago, it is quite big now and a couple of them will give us a few side salads or help bulk up a ham sandwich, my son has decided to leave his chillies now,as its getting colder there is less time to ripen, i bought one home the other day , it was partly green with hints of red, but after a couple of days in the house it was an amazing sight, bright pillar box red, and not too strong either.

Well we went ahead and ordered what we think will be a massive bonus to us, a wheelbarrow. As it came flat packed, I must admit to it looking like the backstage venue at Robot Wars after a really good battle, spanners were all over with nuts and bolts and pieces of barrow everywherebarrowbits

After a few minutes grunting and twisting it was all up and running and waiting for its first employment, which just happened to be a couple of bags of compost.

So, thats about for now, as the winter takes steps ever nearer and the weather turns colder i cant help but think of next season and the fun prospects it will hold.barrow

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