Windy but warm…

As the wind blew a gale today the real suprise was just how warm it was. It looked like we had had a bit of rain early on as the patio and road were damp, but there was hope in the sky and we wanted to check over the beds again after the last saga.

We duly loaded up the car with the usual suspects, hammer, drill, screws , only this time the  wife had packed soup, Butternut squash soup made from the produce from a friends allotment, yummy.

The drive, as usual was pleasant enough, our plot is some 4 mile from us, not far away but not just down the road either, as there is a lot of up hill and down dale before you get there, but the bonus is viewing the beautiful countryside on our way . On arrival we checked over the produce, the leaves were being eaten as we thought, infact one plant had been tugged on so hard it had pulled out the plant from the bed, we are not sure by what though, so its time to do something about bed

The netting we had bought is so thin its practically useless, and the stakes holding it in place are just  too short and allowing the cabbage to be chewed through it. While we decided what to do we moved on to making a new bed, this one for the peas and beans as we would need even more wood in order to rehash an old fruitcage that need a lot of work.

This went fairly straight forward, and it took 22 bags of BIO canna to fill it, so it was back to the beds, and what to do. Annie decided we needed some refreshment so made us a coffee and some squash soup for lunch on the plot, our first cooked meal there ever.soup

With that we had an Eureka moment, not sure if it was the squash but we were sitting looking at a fruit frame we had bought some time earlier,ans decided tomake up the frame and put it on the bed, so we began. This was a Haxnicks frame, didnt cost much either, iwas pleasantly suprised to find  it was made of metal not plastic, it came together fairly quickly and easily so we carried it outside and placed it on the bed, the most fiddley part putting the netting around, they never seem to fit correctly.frameonbed

After moving a few veg to fit under the frame we had completed our mission for the day, it doesn’t look pretty but it is practical, and as the skies were begining to darken and there was rain in the air we went home..

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