Cold Wintery days..

Looking out of the window as i write this, the last burst of a golden sunshine has just been overthrown by a very grey ominous cloud dropping what seems like glittery flakes of confetti, i believe it is snowing outside.

After doing the real life stuff we wanted to visit the plot today to check out if everything was still ok. We always feel slightly nervy when we havent been for a few days, it is in a field on its own, a local farm nearby but is completely visable from the road and with a very large polytunnel to attract the unwelcome, we need to be weary.

peas and beans still growing

So as we ventured into the plot a massive flock of pidgeons flew out of  the grass , really please we decided to cover the veg, it would have been decimated otherwise. Having built the pea and bean bed a few weeks ago,we now have to prepare the bed with frames to add netting for when the time comes to plant them out.

Everything is looking really good, the peas and beans are still growing in the tunnel, the veg are looking good in the beds and so with that we can only visit every so often to keep an eye on it, roll on january when we can start with some seed sowing.frameonbed

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