Fleece your crops..

Fleece isn’t only good for sheep, it can safeguard  your crop against some of winters hardest times and help keep your vegetables safe and sound.

Its  about the right time of year to begin covering up your crops and begin protecting them against the birds and what the winter throws at us. Although netting will help prevent the birds from being opportunistic with an easy meal of your tender leaves, eventually when the harshest of the winters weather really kicks in you need to lag them, like you would a pipe.

Haxnicks Cloche Tunnel

One Product I have found to be useful and  also reasonably priced  is Haxnicks  cloche tunnels, ( I have no connection to this company) this remarkable tunnel helps to generate a little micro climate under the fleece enabling your plants to stay free from frost while maintaining a steady growth rate and giving them an earlier cropping time. The Fleece frames come in a multitude of sizes and shapes, so if you have a single plant you want to cover, or like me you wish to protect a bed of assorted veg, then the fleece tunnel is the right way to go.

You can of course just put them under a normal clear plastic  cloche, but this wont offer the warmth of the fleece, and it will also divert the rain around and over the plants while the fleece allows the rain to penetrate through, giving the plants the water they need.

I hope you will try this out, it will also be ideal for early planting schemes and beneficial as a pest and aphid barrier to..



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