Snows Arrival, Onions and quick fix..

Well now that winter has dared to show its ugly head, or for that matter, beautiful head. Its only fair to say that a snow covered landscape is as beautiful as a sun drenched one, just not as warm with the shorts on.notts

Annie and i visited the Plot this week on passing to check over the veg and make sure all had got enough to drink, which is quite important in this weather as most of the dead plants we tend to get after a frost didn’t actually die of cold, but of lack of water as the water freezes up and they de-hydrate.

We noticed that the fruit cage we had placed over the cabbage and kale had been blown over, storm Christine blew hard here, but as the cage is mainly thin metal and netting i didnt think it would offer up much resistance to the wind in order to be blown over, but there you go, anyway easily fixed. We decided to tie it to the wooden sides of the raised bed, fastened it down in 4 places so it shouldn’t move again.

John-paul turned up this week to give me a Hand made present  from one of his clients , its a pair of wonderfully hand turned  Onions made from wood, and a beautifully made crate, just right for the veg later on.onions2




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