Potting Raspberries and Charity..

Managed to grab a bit of time today to go to pop down the plot and pot up our 15 bare root raspberries that had arrived , 5 Glen Lyon (mid June ), 5 Glen Ample (mid july) and 5 Autumn bliss(August onwards)rasp

We are wanting to spread the crop over a few weeks instead of a glut and then nothing, we have  several other varieties too, including yellow ones which should fire up annie to get baking some of her beautiful pies and fruit ice creams.

While there we decided to do a bit of maintenance on the tunnel, annie got herself stuck into cleaning out the guttering and i concentrated on potting up loads of daffodil and tulip bulbs in readiness for next spring into buckets  in which they can be sold in aid of “wish upon a star” a charity my son is raisng money for, he is also going to base camp everest next year on a sponsered trip, all the money raised will benefit the charity.

Potting raspberries

I was pleasantly suprised that the carrots i planted as a test at the begining of November have made an appearance, we wont be harvesting them for christmas but early in the new year, looking forward to that.

As the snow has come and gone for now, it didn’t seem to do us much harm, although we have no heating as such, the tunnel remains slightly above freezing giving us a chance of potting up earlier than straight outdoors. Going to plant out the beans next week as they have forcast it to be a bit wetter, but warmer, then put the fleece over the top of it.

Annie cleaning Guttering

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