Last trot to the plot …

Well once again that time of year is upon us, and with the last few days counting down we visited the plot for probably the last time before the big event.

We just had a last few remaining jobs to do before we said our farewell to the plot before the big fat man visits, Annie did say i needed to diet. However, i really wanted to get the broad beans planted  as i had read somewhere you can plant them out now if you cover them in either a clear cloche or fleece. broadplanting

As we had bought a couple of the Haxnicks fleece tunnels to try, we planted out the beans in an orderly fashion and promptly covered them over ,  although today was a particularly nice day, not much sun but not cold either. One thing that had come to my attention was the amount of beautiful roots produced while growing in this beautiful Organic Compost.

Great roots in BIOCanna compost

Next we decided to plant up a few of the peas we have indoors too, so we called at our local garden centre and purchased some 6 foot canes to help hold them up.

We also intend to grow our sweet peas like this too, then we can dot them around the plot to attract beneficial insects. Our very last job today was to plant up a couple of Lavender into a pot brought  from home, annie loves lavender and wants to dry some flowers out this year, as well as make the plot a more attractive place to be.peastck

While annie was packing up her things, i took the liberty of planting up a couple of trays of cut and come again greens, as these are indoors i hope to harvest these in January.

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