End of the year, bring in the new..

I always feel that the week between the end of December and the start of the New Year is pretty much a no-mans land. Oh its ok if you are gadding about the sales looking for outfits for the rare real bargains  , but for the likes of me just waiting for that time when i can pop into the tunnel, rip open the seed packets and start planting our new seasons crop, its just another  7 days i can hardly wait to pass.

Managed to stop by the plot today, on first inspection all is as well as can be expected given all the hard frosts and snow being tossed around the country at present, although fortunately we only had the frosts and rain, now its a strong blustery day.

Having ventured into the tunnel i noticed quite a few dead leaves on the strawberries which in turn where going mouldy. I picked up the scissors and set about removing all the spent ones into a bucket, they will go outside before they cause any damage. I did however also notice one strawberry looking rather sad for itself, on closer inspection i found it was suffering from vineweevil, as the strawberries are in the air and vine weevils do not fly it had to be on the plant when it was planted. Having now checked all the strawberries i am satisfied it was only a single occurance of it.

I noticed on a veggy forum i am involved with  that some folks had just set onion seeds , so, as i had a packet available and its as close to January as it will be before my next visit, i thought, why not, go for it,  so i planted up two trays for now, roll on January..




3 thoughts on “End of the year, bring in the new..

  1. Wishing you every success with your onion seeds..
    Our allotments had a very bad year with onions last year. and we have not always been successful, as the weather etc rotted many.. So last year we did not set any. we set extra leeks instead.. 🙂


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