New Year, New Seedlings, New Hope..

As we seamlessly slide from one year to the next and all the predetermined resolutions are but a distant memory  the thought of a new season, a new begining releases fresh hope and interest amongst us.

Visited the plot today, all seems well despite the frosts and blustery winds of late,  we still have movement and new growth. Just before the christmas period we went there and planted up some leaf salad seeds and rocket seeds, well they are both now pushing through. I must say i really like this Canna compost, everything i have planted into it has grown really quickly, and above all looks healthy.leafsalad

The broad beans look good under their duvet of fleece, onions garlic and other stuff in the beds all look well, apart from the pidgeon munched ones. Inside the tunnel, which by the way is not heated although it remains a few degrees above the outside temperature, things are slowly moving and coming into life.rocket

We started off some sweet pea seedlings at the end of last year and just before christmas we potted them into a large tub and put canes in them so we can start to train them up them, they are so important to my wife, she loves to pick them for arrangments around the house, and the more you pick from them the more you get.sweetpea

We are planning to grow quite a few perrenial flowering plants as  we want to use them as a cut flower section so we dont have to raid our garden at home, plus it also helps to make the plot more attractive to bees and other pollinating insects.

The last photo for today is of our peach tree, its  growing in a large pot outside the tunnel and i noticed today new growth coming on the end of the branches, i am amazed at this growth so early in the season, despite the cold and wind, great to see…peachbud_edited



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