Apple, Coloured pencil drawing..

What with christmas, new year and work as well as the plot, everything seems to merge into each other and time shoots by at an incredible rate of knots, but sometimes you just have to stop the bus and get off for a while.

Christmas was quite fortunate for me, things were slack at work, we had bought and wrapped all the presents , i had a feather in my cap from selling a painting at a local gallery and  i found myself with that very rare comodity, time..

Having joined an online tutorial to learn about oil painting, a thing i would love to do well, i noticed one of his paintings would make a great coloured pencil picture, so without further ado i decided to go ahead and paint it..

Not having used them for a while, it takes a bit of practise to get back into the habit of using them, but at the same time its a wonderful feeling creating something from virtually nothing. After an hour of loosening up i started on the picture, and over the next few nights i managed to get it completed, i will however paint this one day too..



6 thoughts on “Apple, Coloured pencil drawing..

  1. lindamartha

    I followed Sue Dreamwalkers link from her blog to you. I live your drawing.! Though I like in the far north of the US where we are about 2 months behind your gardening schedule, I enjoy reading and seeing pictures that are green before we are green. I look forward to more.

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  2. This is special, so beautifully done, You have much talent.. and congrats in selling a painting. I only experimented with one painting in oils.. a butterfly.. I gave it my daughter.. I have to say I prefer Acrylics simply because I can never wait for paint to dry lol… And I found the oils took ages..
    Love this Apple .. Beautiful detail 😀

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