Thank you, and a puzzle..

I am going to start today by saying a big THANK YOU to a few new followers, the interaction has been lovely for me and makes this blog so much more worth doing. There is not much happening at the Plot as yet so deciding what to write to make it sound interesting is challenging, so hoping folks will stick around until we get into full swing, just a couple of weeks away (hopefully)

Called in at the Plot today, it was early (ish) about 8.15 , still quite dark and very quite, such a tranquil place at that time before the business of the day. Checked over the beans in their fleece tent, they look as snug as an audience camping out at Gladstonebury, minus the hangover and music.

On inspection of the tunnel however, something has been sniffing around , i noticed the other week, just after i planted some more bean seeds  and we had snow, a disturbance in the trays, looked like it was trying to get to the beans under the compost, i chose to ignore it at the time as i had quite a few planted.

I did then set  some onion seeds , i have quite a few bulbs already planted so i thought i would give a few seeds a try, as according to the packet it was their time. Todays once-over brought to light another disturbance in the trays, something is definately sniffing through what is planted there, not sure if it is a mouse, rat or squirrel, anyone have any ideas, and how to stop it, dont want to kill it unless it is a rat.onion_opt

4 thoughts on “Thank you, and a puzzle..

  1. The Garden Smallholder

    When we had an allotment I loved visiting super early before anyone else arrived, or staying late on a balmy summers night. Those peaceful moments were pure therapy.


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  2. It could be either of them Steve, as we have had mice eat their way through a pea row before now. So not surprised something has been sniffing around. 🙂
    Nature is something we organic growers have to learn to live with, we have learnt to plant some for ourselves and plant enough, so as to share! lol
    🙂 Have a great Week 🙂


    1. Thank you Sue, i will have to look for a way to protect the seeds at the sowing stage, maybe some netting or something similar, i am not sure if the onion seeds will germinate now as the trays were a bit of a mess. I will set some more next week.

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      1. We set seeds in the green house. at home then take to the allotment green house. Rats as you know and Mice will find their way into anything. and have even burrowed up in tunnels in the greenhouse before.. So I wish you luck 🙂

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