Seed trays, Snowdrops & Spiralizer

After being inspired with blogs that i follow showing everything from their plots and produce  to re-landscaping and beautiful flowers (those that blog from abroad) it has got me fired up and ready to start for the season.

Today the sun was out but a very cold wind was  blowing, we have been to the plot to check on the seedlings we have started off, and make sure all is well. We noticed in the tunnel that things had dried up a tad, so water was the first point of call although as we have the doors shut dont want to put too much about in case of mildew forming because of low air flow.

Checked the planted seeds and no further damage had occured so we went about and planted some old broad beans , coriander and parsley but purely as experiments with older seeds, if they germinate its a bonus, i also covered the top with clear plastic too.

I did notice that in one of the tubs we planted a mates spuds in, signs of life were sturing, albeit small, its still there. These spuds are planted indoor in pots but the rest are outside in the beds, hopefully they will be ok until later in the year..

dougs spud
Dougs Spuds

All the fruit trees buds are starting to swell and the peach buds are really looking good for the time of year, we will have the paint brushes on standby for the pollination when it arrives, oooh its like waiting for a baby to come..

One thing we did whoop about was the fact that walking towards the beds Annie noticed a small clump of snowdrops, well we were delighted, then looking around we noticed even more clumps, will have to watch where we are walking now, its brilliant..snowdrop

So we have bitten the bullet and succomed to the latest fad or gadet, the Spiralizer, we are going to try and invent some new food for ourselves over the next few weeks, unless someone out there already has recipes for us to use. We also bought 12 new plastic trays to use at the plot, really good quality ones to be re used and only 89p each from this company The Greenhouse People  Just as an aside i do not work for these people nor am i gaining anything from advertising them. We have just sent for a few more seeds, some of which can be started off now under cover, cant wait till they arrive and we can start proper, until then ……

Spiralizer and trays

4 thoughts on “Seed trays, Snowdrops & Spiralizer

  1. The Garden Smallholder

    Lovely to see your cheery little Snowdrops, they’re such a beautiful flower. That’s a great price for the trays (thanks for sharing the link), we use those type and find them very sturdy and easy to clean each year.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It is great to see some Sun again isn’t it 🙂 and those trays will last, Snowdrops a firm favourite of mine and they always amaze me how they push their way through when everywhere is so cold.
    Thankfully the snow that fell in the night melted in the rain that followed it. But yes Bitter wind..
    The Spiralizer is good my daughter uses hers a lot,
    And look forward to seeing what recipes you use. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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