Warm day, sowing has started..

Welcome to the new followers..

Its 2.30 pm and we are all excited, why , because we have been to the plot and started the new seasons bounty off. On such a lovely day with a slight breeze and 13° C temperature we didn’t want to miss this chance, especially as they have forecast rain for tomorrow and according to the Seed Parade website, where we bought the seed from incidentally, we can start these off now under cover, and as there seems less interference from our local resident mouse ,  we went ahead.

First we set about checking over the other bits and bobs we have in there, sweet peas, eating peas, hope we don’t mix them up, a couple of Rhubarb plants and several seed trays of assorted flowers for her indoors, we are also planning more for the bees later on.

Started off with Beetroot Bulls Blood, this is a beetroot not grown for its fleshy root,(although you can grow them on) but for the beautiful deep red/green leaves to enhance a salad, with beetroot flavour as well as colour, should be able to cut and come again after about a month, we’ll hold fire on that part for now.

Seeds set

We next set a couple of small trays of sweet peppers, just about a dozen or so of each variety for now of California Wonder (red and green) and Di’Asti Giallo (yellow) planted in individual cell trays, we want to try to keep this type of planting as it means less root disturbance and less time pricking out too.

We have tried a few other peppers but from an old batch of seeds, to which we have lots of varieties of veg, so hopefully if they germinate we could have quite a bit going on. One thing we have to think about is space to put all the trays when we start, although the tunnel is about 50 ft long and 30 ft wide i don’t really want to fill the floor space with trays all over the floor.

We still had Red onions growing on in cell trays, so we gathered them up and planted them outside with the others out there, they should be fine.

Annie planting onions..

Took a peek into the broad bean fleece tent, really pleased how these have put up with the wind, rain and snow we had last week, in fact they look amazing, being in this BioCanna compost they seem to love it.beanfleece

Until next Time, thank you for following..

4 thoughts on “Warm day, sowing has started..

  1. Broad beans are looking healthy Steve, and glad your weather is warming,, We have had it a milder too.. its 8*C outside at the moment, and that is with the Sun shining.. But better than 3 C the other day.
    And we have not started on any seed planting other than the sweat peas as yet.. The broad beans like you went in last autumn. and are under our cloches .. As is spring Cabbage..
    And good to know you are not getting so many eaten by your mouse 🙂
    Loved the photos 🙂
    Happy Gardening.. February on the horizon, where did January go?


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