The Eyes have it, pastel doodling..

As i continue with my quest to become somewhat better at art, i keep finding more products that helps in the process to gain satisfaction and  pleasing results, but as always it comes at a price.

I have not done that much with pastels, either soft nor pencil  at all in concideration to the amount of time they have adorned my cupboards. I have to be fair, had some success with them  even selling  a couple of pictures i once did of animals some time ago, and if you look at my other pastel pages you will see some of them there.

I did back then enjoy the process of painting a picture with them, but i did find (being a virgo) i needed more detail to my work, but the paper i was using just wouldn’t let me attain that level, however i carried on but was never completely satisfied with what i had produced, so i kind of set it to one side and moved on to other mediums.

It came to my attention recently that there is a new boy in town, this one goes under the name of Clairefontain Pastelmat. You can buy it in pad form or loose sheets, and for me it has made a great change to my work. I can now get several layers onto the paper, which has a slight rough texture to it, allowing the build up of fur or hair, but probably  best to use a paper stump to blend rather than your finger, unless you like short fingers that is.pastelmat1337256802_476

The pads come in a variety of sizes and with different coloured papers inside too, but if you only want to use a single colour then its best to buy single sheets of it, which also come in different sizes. This is the pad i bought and it cost me £17 delivered, which is a great saving on a lot of art sites that are charging £25 for it.

I wanted to start doing wild life again, so i got a photo of a leopard and set about putting it onto a small piece of Pastelmat i had been given some months ago but had never bothered with it,  i was amazed at just how nice this paper was to use, and using it gives you lots more layers than the Ingres paper and derwent paper i had used before.

This is my first picture using pastelmat before finding out that you need to start with dark layers and build up to the light colours, just like you do with oil paints, so hopefully from here on in my pictures will get better.pasteljaguar

The second piece of art came with more knowledge of the layering techniques , i did a couple of studies of eyes, tigers and leopard, really enjoyed it too. Looking forward to improving my technique and doing some better work..eyes

5 thoughts on “The Eyes have it, pastel doodling..

  1. lindamartha

    I bought a pastel ground that can be used on any paper. Its very gritty so takes some getting used to. I actually don’t like it. Lol. But I use pastels on almost anything because I don’t mind abstracting my work. I fix with acrylic gloss in that case. Building layers over watercolor ground has been helpful too. However, again, I dont mind loose work. Your work here is great. Nice eyes.

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    1. Thank you, Sounds a bit like Gesso, you can put it on a canvas and oil paint over it too, I have a pot of it but not used as yet as I have only done still life in oil. I only use acrylic to underpaint/ block in area’s before overpainting. I have done much in the last few days because I have the flu, never had one like this before, just feel dead, hopefully I will carry on with my tiger when feeling better.


      1. lindamartha

        Its similar to gesso but reminds me of a watered down clay or plaster. I hope you feel better. This flu is really challenging peoples health.


  2. These are wonderful Steve, and love them all, I will have to look at what my pastel paper is called, my daughter bought me a huge pad last year as part of a Christmas present, along with more pastels, I have not used much, but it came with various shades too.. and has a textured surface.

    Love the reflections you have attained in the eyes.. The eyes for me make a painting, and I always leave the detail of the eyes until the last.. I always hold my breath, for if you mess them up in pastel its not always easy to correct.. But I love the detail you have given here , the Light and the glassy effect is perfect..
    Well done.. 🙂

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