Leopards eyes study, Pastel on Pastelmat..

Managed to finally get enough time to finish off my leopards eyes today. This was painted using Carbothello pastel pencils on Clairefontain Pastelmat paper and altogether took me about 15 hours to complete.

I intend to do a few more of this type of picture as I find it fascinating the amount of colours and layers used to get the desired result. The building up of thick fur texture requires several layers of different colours applied on top of one another, and using these pencils in combination with this type of sanded paper allows you to put light on top of  dark and doesn’t build up loose dust either.


This study is about 12 inch long by 6 inch wide and looks even better in the flesh, it is really vibrant and i may even have a small frame put on it.

Here’s to the next one….

Flowers, Herbs and Produce..

As we were both off this tuesday we decided to give the local Garden Centre a visit, i did work there for 11 years as the plant area manager and loved it, but moved on to other things.

We really needed a few blackberry plants to add to our collection of fruit bushes, we  had seen them in there a few weeks ago marked up  at £6.99 for a 3 litre plant, while this is  a  fairly decent price we decided to wait until we were ready for them. The Garden centre was having a Sale today, and as we were passing we decided to call and check them out, all fruit bushes on sale at just £2.99 each, massive bargain, so we helped ourselves to 3 of them, raspberries, goosberries and assorted currants too, and to top it off, a Conference Pear tree at just £7.99 in a 10ltr pot, standing at 6ft tall.seedsowing

The main objective today was to get on with a some seed sowing, having  neglected the plot for a couple of weeks while getting over the christmas flu, and although it was a -4 frost overnight and white over we went to the plot determined to do something today.  We set about sowing trays of , tomatoe, peppers, assorted herbs, borage, beetroot and Annie wants a wild flower meadow of sorts to help the bees. lavenders

We have some old spent compost from another chap that had the plot before we did, so we decided to re- use the compost he had left to pot up some lavenders and we have planted up a really large trough for the wildflowers (not the one in this picture).

The rhubarb plant we have is growing away at present, we put a large pot over the top of it a couple of weeks ago and now its looking almost ready for a crumble..rhubarb

We ended up giving everything a good water and plants that were starting to grow we fed them with the BioCanna Vega Organic food, especially the hanging strawberries as they were looking dry and in need of refreshment..

All in all we had a great day, lots of production to be going on with, i must get the tap fixed though, not much fun when the hosepipe shoots off on a cold day and wets you through, good job it was one of the last jobs for day..

Plot is looking good, tiger head done..

So having finally managed to come through what has to be for me the worst bout of flu i have ever had, we ventured outside and down to the plot for a quick check up.

9 days i have been out of action, no blog posts, no work, no plot trips but plenty of aches, pains sleep ,sick, cough and general tiredness have all played their part in rendering me useless, never again do i want it to darken my path, it was so debilitating.

Even though it was really cold today, Annie and I visited the plot for a quick reccy, broad beans looking ok, kale and other fill ins (outside) are looking ok too despite the cold and strong winds that are still battering us, i was also pleasantly surprised and very pleased that my absence hadn’t caused any misgivings nor untold damage from blown over netting that could have been repaired should i have been quicker or alert.

Seedlings looking good and not as far on as i had thought, which leaves me time to relax more now knowing i don’t have a plethora of pricking out nor potting on to do.

I started doing a Tigers head in pastel before my untimely exit from planet ‘Alive and Kicking ‘ and it was a slow process but an enjoyable one, however i managed to stay awake long enough to put an end to it now, i used my new set of Stabilo pencils and Pastelmat paper.

This will be on another page later on destined for the Pastel Page.tigerdone