Plot is looking good, tiger head done..

So having finally managed to come through what has to be for me the worst bout of flu i have ever had, we ventured outside and down to the plot for a quick check up.

9 days i have been out of action, no blog posts, no work, no plot trips but plenty of aches, pains sleep ,sick, cough and general tiredness have all played their part in rendering me useless, never again do i want it to darken my path, it was so debilitating.

Even though it was really cold today, Annie and I visited the plot for a quick reccy, broad beans looking ok, kale and other fill ins (outside) are looking ok too despite the cold and strong winds that are still battering us, i was also pleasantly surprised and very pleased that my absence hadn’t caused any misgivings nor untold damage from blown over netting that could have been repaired should i have been quicker or alert.

Seedlings looking good and not as far on as i had thought, which leaves me time to relax more now knowing i don’t have a plethora of pricking out nor potting on to do.

I started doing a Tigers head in pastel before my untimely exit from planet ‘Alive and Kicking ‘ and it was a slow process but an enjoyable one, however i managed to stay awake long enough to put an end to it now, i used my new set of Stabilo pencils and Pastelmat paper.

This will be on another page later on destined for the Pastel Page.tigerdone


2 thoughts on “Plot is looking good, tiger head done..

  1. Good to hear you are on the mend Steve.. My daughter had this virus at Christmas.. And it threw her off track for two weeks,, Then three weeks later it returned with a vengeance.. And laid her in bed again… So I sympathise with you..
    Glad the allotment is no worse for neglect.. That is the great thing about this time of year.. No weeds are growing..
    My hubby keeps popping down to the plot to see if the sheds are standing ( High winds again here ) and no one has broken in.. We get quite a lot of break-ins, into sheds, especially Spring time when they know you have your garden equipment,like rotavators etc .
    Thank fully ours has a double lock.. A padlock and Key lock which hubby re-enforced at the back of the door.. So while a couple of years ago they cut through the padlock, they didnt get in the shed.. Our neighbouring plots were not so lucky..
    Seems they get onto the plots with a van and sweep a whole lot of sheds all at once..
    Sad when people put so much into their gardens and equipment isn’t cheap
    Even the School plot got their little hand tools taken..

    Your Tiger, is wonderful.. Love the finished result.. it has a thoughtful pose, yet looks content.. perhaps having just digested its meal and feeling satisfied.. 🙂

    Love the detail in the fur.. Not easy I know when we work in pastel as we work layer upon layer..
    Excellent finish..

    Hope you have a good week and you grow from strength to strength Steve..
    Take care..
    Sue 🙂

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