Felley Prior, Art and The Beast.

Well i woke up this morning expecting 6 inch of snow, howling blizzards and intermittant electricity according to the way the weather forecast had been delivered, and what greets me as i throw open the curtains and look  outside, a frost…

It must sound like i am dissapointed, i’m not, i am rather pleased it hasn’t arrived (as yet) anyway, although as i type this it has started to snow outside but i dont think it will amount to much.ice

So what is happening in my space at the moment, not a lot on the plot as i dont want to get ahead of myself and end up trying to catch up as everything needs replanting at the same time. I am currently still only working 2 days a week at present but it will return to 5 days shortly as the season progresses and we get busier, but it allows me to keep practising my art work, which is pastels at present as its too cold to stand oil painting in my cabin outside. I managed to complete this lynx picture recently, and i have started a lion already.


Felley Prior..

Last week a local tea room and small garden re opened after upgrading their kitchen facilities which caused them to close coming up to the christmas period, and Annie and i couldn’t visit for our festive treat, so we visited last week.


This is a fantastic place to eat, one of those places that remembers how to treat a customer in service and manners, and the quality of food is amazing.





3 thoughts on “Felley Prior, Art and The Beast.

  1. Loving that you are having time still for your creative art Steve, and another wonderful creation just love eyes, you do them so well, and texture of fur so soft and life like.. a wonderful Lynx. The beast from the East has arrived now though.. Hope you are keeping warm and safe..
    We have around 9 inches of snow and the wind howling now..
    Take care.
    Sue 🙂

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