Spring weather and sowing seeds..

Who would believe that only last week we were 6 inch in snow with a Siberian wind blowing and things looking bleak, well not today, the sun is shining  and warm and its feeling like spring is in the air, how long it stays like this only time will tell but it will do for now..

With it being a lovely day we decided to visit the plot and get more seeds set in the tunnel while we have time on our side, but what to set was the next query. Having arrived at the plot we checked on the outside beds which were fine and no damage after the snow, so we turned our attention to inside the tunnel.

Annie watering the strawberries

On inspection of the tunnel,  making sure that all was in good order, it seems we came through this cold snap unscathed, although the plants were in need of a drink as the compost  had dried out. The seeds set a few weeks ago are starting to pop up and we have starting to feed them with our BIO Canna   organic liquid food to give them a boost from roots to leaves.

Organic Food for the young plants..

We started off with flower seeds that we need to make the garden and the plot look attractive and help bring in beneficial insects to assist with the bugs later in the year, so through the month by month  neatly arranged packets of seeds courtesy of Annie’s need for order (bless her) we had quite a choice.

Sorted out and sown Poppy seeds, Nemophillia, Cornflower, and last was the Gypsophillya, lovely combination of plants, we will also be planting up lots of perrenial plants too, as well as more bedding types.

Potting up the flower seeds

Next we shifted to more food items that are ok to sow now, Tomatoes, Peppers, lettuce, celery, leeks and peas. Using the Bio Terra Plus compost, which is quite a fluffy mix and very open, we get a good germination rate as the compost doesn’t clog when wet, but yes it can dry out quite quickly which i am taking as a positive, as the plants will live longer in dry compost as opposed to wet cloggy stuff.

Nice open compost..

As a final note, the Sweetpeas, Beetroot and Rhubarb are doing very well, i so love it when the seeds become plants and we breath new life back into the soil, bring on the good weather..

5 thoughts on “Spring weather and sowing seeds..

  1. Wonderful to know everything got through the cold snap OK.
    And I pinched out my sweetpeas which were growing in the green house, And we have rhubarb almost ready for picking, Hubby put an unpturned dustbin over it when it started to show signs and its almost ready for pulling to have our first crop.
    We have yet to sow Beetroot, and will wait till the soil warms up a bit first.. We have Spring cabbage under the cloches which are filling out nicely now, I really must do a post,
    But I have been a bit under the weather, I think we will all benefit when the Sun once again shines..


    1. It lovely to have you back with us Sue, we have planted quite a few more seeds including perennial flowers too as we hope to use the bees to help pollination of the plants, and particularly the fruit trees. We actually have a row of reddish seed poking up from the ground, not sure wether to cover them up though.

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      1. If they are tender perhaps a covering may help protect them if outdoors.
        The Pigeons during the snow and bad weather have decimated our purple flowering broccoli,
        I went to the allotments to help hubby out who is still not 100% with some hoeing of weeds from last years winter dig. There are not too many but back breaking when we have been inactive over winter 🙂
        Hubby is putting the early potatoes in and then the main crop..
        So was busy digging trenches and putting muck in them etc while I prune out the dead wood from the logenberries and raspberries
        We pulled our first Rhubarb of the year, we had put a upturned dustbin over it to force it. And will be having a crumble with it later 🙂
        The Bees I have seen are out.. Huge bubble bees and yesterday I saw a butterfly a red admiral .. But its chilly with biting wind today.. But hoeing kept me warm.. 🙂


      2. There have been quite a few bees about of late, it was 18 degrees in the tunnel the other day so we have to keep an eye on watering in there. We have a little hareem of pheasants on the plot wondering around , not sure how much damage they would do.

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      3. Well I hope they are not like our Wood Pigeons, they caused havoc with our Purple sprouting broccoli ripping the tops off. Someone also planted young cabbage and didn’t cover them.. They decimated them.
        I planted out my sweetpeas, but I have netted them as the sparrows love the tender shoots.. A past lesson learned.. 🙂

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