New Bed, more snow, and potatoes..

If its not a nerve agent the east  is dumping on us, its bad weather. Here we go again with a mini beast from the east this time, although it has plonked the same amount of snow as its bigger brother , but it doesn’t  feel quite as cold methinks.

pots planted
Annie and the salad potatoes

Had another few hours at the plot the other day, we managed to get salad potatoes potted up, tomatoes, peppers and a few chilli seeds potted.  We had bought several different types of flower bulbs from our local garden centre, Dahlia’s, Lillies as annie loves her plants and wants to keep them for the garden at home  and the plot,   we potted them up to start them off but we will move them to their final position after they have started to sprout .

The red cabbage and kale we planted before christmas purely as an experiment  seem to be growing well, i will leave them to continue for now but as they grow quite large i will be pulling them out as soon as we have something to take their place.

I had a few beans left over in their root trainers , i planted them up using the Canna Bio Plus, on opening the trainers  the beautiful roots were revealed, looking very healthy and full of growing ability.

great roots

To make sure we have enough room to replant all the seeds we have planted we have built another bed, its not filled with compost yet as we dont want it to stand there wasting away , we will fill it up later when we need it. Managed to plant a few rows of seedlings directly into one the beds, hopefully they will be ok as they are now covered in 6inch of snow.

Bed 5 being built

5 thoughts on “New Bed, more snow, and potatoes..

  1. Wow you have both been busy Steve, and more snow we awoke to this morning also. Easter Monday. Good to see you are on top of things.. And yes we had more snow than the first beast too with the second one..

    We are getting there, only Hubby had that nasty flu virus and is still not well, But things will catch up. We made a start with planting seeds in greenhouse.. Everything is looking good.. 🙂
    Apologies not been around much but trying to catch up a little now… 🙂


    1. Hi sue
      No need for apologies, life gets in the way and things always have a way of catching up anyway, I had the flu shortly after Christmas, damn near killed me, so I feel for hubby. We seem to be on top of things, but we are getting ever busier at work and I feel I may loose yet another day to it which would reduce the amount of time we currently have, but will do what we can, while we can..

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      1. I remember you saying about your flu.. Its been a nasty strain and hubby is slowly recovering, but tires easily and still has a chesty cough.. Thankfully ..
        I know Spring is busy for you both at work and in the garden, So Art may have to take a back seat for a while.. But then there are rainy days and Sundays! as they say 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It’s funny but after last weekend I seem to have picked up a tickly cough again, really annoying one. As I am only doing pastels I can do them sitting with Annie watching tv as there is little mess with this paper, but after a long day sometimes I can’t be bothered either.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I hope your cough gets better.. The cough is annoying my hubby too, Its left him with the same.. My daughter had the flu at Christmas and it came back three weeks later in the form of another chesty cough.. So take care..

        Liked by 1 person

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