Still Life and wolf eyes pastels..

I have had a go at something totally different this month, i started out with more of my animal faces (see below) but on delving through my heap of pencil tutorials i have done in the past i came across this particular pattern i did in coloured pencils, its a pattern from the very talented  artist Marian Jackson MDA, if you get the chance just pop over to her site , she has wonderful patterns there of all sorts of interesting stuff.

I really like to paint  a bit of still life, and these patterns are wonderful if you cant or dont draw well as all you have to do is copy the pattern onto your chosen paper and simply follow her written instructions or if you feel like doing your own colours, go for it.pestalpastel

This is the last of the animal eyes for a while as i am trying to broaden my level of interest into my pastel art, i do love the challenge though of trying to make the animals looks almost believable, i have had a few comments saying the fur looks like you can stroke it, that for me is a massive boon. I will be returning to these type of paintings in the near future.wolfeyes

2 thoughts on “Still Life and wolf eyes pastels..

  1. Thank you Sue, I have done a couple of portraits in the past and recommend that when butting up two colours of flesh slightly overlap each of the colours where they meet to create a third colour, that will give a more blended appearance to the skin without stark contrast of colours.


  2. Love both your still life and the eyes.. Such detail in the fur too. I am working on a portrait at the moment of an old photo of my daughter sat nursing her cat. Portraits are new to me, so its a challenge I set myself, I am not rushing it and only sit in good light and when i feel like painting..
    I hung my Tiger on the wall, and now I have three Big Cats,
    Today is definitely not a day for walking, we have a blizzard blowing here at the moment.
    Take care and Happy Easter!


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