New shelving, Strawberries and auto-pots

No 1 son decided to make an appearance today at the plot, time out from his very busy job travelling up and down the country all day, it was lovely to spend the time with him and we got loads done, my poor wife has a bad back so the help was appreciated.jipbuild

Started of this wet day in the tunnel, we had recently bought a couple of sets of staging for the seed trays which seem to be mounting up, getting them off the floor would be beneficial to the plants and my back. Jip started straight away building the structure, it didnt take too to knock them together and an even shorter period to start to fill them up.jipframe

At long last we have managed to attach a hose to the outside tap, its not perfect yet, but it will do for now as it helps with the amount of trips to and from the tap with filled watering cans.

Gave everything a good water and feed today with Canna BioVega and BioRhizotonic organic fluid, everything is growing well at present and the strawberries have started to get flowers on them.strawbs

we are going to try and fit water drippers to the over head structures and we need to sort out the whitefly that has started to arrive on the strawberries, i have read that white vinegar is a good form of organic bug spray.

The Beans outside are growing really well, we took the fleece off today to give them an airing while the sun was out, then covered them again before we left.beans

To finish this post off today, we have been given a self watering system that doesnt use an electricity, if you need any more info just contact me, it is a series of interconnecting pots that sort of work rather like your every day toilet system, as we build it up and start to use it i will show better detail of how to use it, until then …waterpot



3 thoughts on “New shelving, Strawberries and auto-pots

  1. Gosh you have been busy and those shelves will make a huge difference, especially to ‘Backs’ sorry to here your wife’s has been hurting.. Not nice..

    Its great when we get help. šŸ™‚ And I bet your son enjoyed himself too.. Its nice when family help out.

    The watering system sounds just the thing and will save on carrying too and fro, We have water barrels from the sheds and greenhouse to help in summer, but mostly we carry watering cans from the tank troughs provided at various intervals on the allotment which are on a cistern and fill up.
    Have a great week and at least the snow this time is not set to last.
    Take care both of you


      1. Yes I am sure my arms have grown longer over the years LOL.. We have cistern tanks at intervals up and down the allotments. But with a large plot like ours in dry spells it takes some watering cans to keep things watered šŸ™‚
        So I am sure your watering system will be a chore saver and such a benefit to your garden šŸ™‚

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