The Plot at the start of April..

Yet Another swift but productive day today at the plot, a local garden center is closing down and i get a good discount there, so we visited again today. Our haul consisted of several rolls of wire meshing to cover the fruit once we have built a cage for them, nails, string, bamboo canes, fly sticky sheets, bramley apple tree and of course a few more seeds.

Although we had another covering of snow yesterday and with the amount of rain we have had recently, lots of the villages are having problems with water running off the fields and the tiny streams and brooks are flooding and making the streets waterlogged and difficult to pass through, but despite all this when the sun comes out it is lovely and warm and its only a matter of time before the spring really kicks in.

Yellow sticky flysheets

The seeds are growing well and responding to the warmer temperature inside the tunnel, but with that comes the aphids. Managed to get hold of the yellow sticky cards to hang inside the tunnel near produce which catch any rogue aphids that appear, we will need all the help we can get when it comes to pests, thats why we have started growing flowers to attract them in.

As some of the seeds are growing larger we have decided to go back there and start to thin them out tommorow while we have the time.

Lettuce seeds growing away

The strawberries are really getting to grips with the Canna BIORhizotonic feed,  its working a treat. We now have have flowers starting to appear on our strawberry plants, on looking around today we noticed a bee on a leaf near the flowers, loving this alreadybeeflower