More Shelving, re- planting and still life..

I cant believe just how much rain we are having this month, i know its april showers and all that, but come on, two villages i pass through on my way to the plot are closed to flooding, i may just have to learn the boatbuilding trade shortly.

Although the weather is a tad off colour at the moment, inside the tunnel things are moving along quite quickly. Lettuce seeds we planted just a couple of weeks ago now need transplanting into something bigger. Rather than planting in indivual pots, or planting outside like i really want to, and conditions wont allow anyway,  we have commandeered a few large trays with  which to replant into.

Lettuce Tray
Replanted and watered..

As the seeds are getting away well and more replanting will need to be done over the next couple of weeks we have decided to buy another 4 shelving units to put the transplanted plants on. The shelves are nice and light and easy to move about,  we need to keep the floor as empty as possible because of all the tomatoes, peppers, chillies and courgettes we plan to grow.

More Storage

Now moving on, over the last week or so i have been painting with pastel pencils and soft pastels working on animal faces and eyes. This time i concentrated my efforts on still life, you can also see my still life paintings in oil too in the drop down menu in my art section.

I really enjoyed these 2 paintings, it is so lovely to be able to blend the pastels together seemlessly and easily too, also using the pastelmat paper is a revelation to me, you can achieve really good detail, it also holds the pastel really well.4pears